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1. What is the School of Illustration?

The School of Illustration is a platform created to help aspiring illustrators take their first steps towards becoming professional illustrators. We provide online courses which share information on the techniques and tools used by professional illustrators and how the illustration industry works.

Our teaching team have years of experience in the illustration world and can provide you with the education you need to make your dream of becoming an illustrator a reality. Our courses are carefully crafted to give you the best possible learning experience. Join us and see what The School of Illustration can do for you.

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2. How do the courses work?

The School of Illustration is an online platform that offers a range of courses that prepare you for the illustration industry. Aimed at beginners and professional illustrators alike, our courses are designed to be easy to understand and broken down into digestible sections which you can follow at your own pace. We provide access to tutorials, workshops and other resources, so that you can learn the fundamentals of the creative industry and develop the skills that will allow you to enter it.

We believe that with the right tools, guidance and support, everyone can become a successful illustrator if they are willing to do the work.

Further info on our course structures can be found here.

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3. How much do your courses cost?

At present our standard courses cost £99 and our 1-2-1 mentoring sessions are £75.  We believe in making our courses accessible so have created what we feel are affordable entry points into illustration education.

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4. Do You Offer a Subscription?

As we roll out more courses and our library of teaching is expanded we intend to offer a subscription service, but at this point our courses are sold separately and offer you lifetime access to the learning materials.

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5. Are The Courses Live?

At The School of Illustration, we are committed to providing high quality, accessible education for illustrators of all levels. Our courses are all pre-recorded, so you can watch them anytime, anywhere. We believe in providing training that fits into people’s busy lives and can be followed at your own pace.

However, we also understand the importance of live feedback, which is why we offer an affordable 1-2-1 mentoring service which you can learn more about here.

Plus, you can also email us your questions and we will answer them in our podcast episodes. 

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6. Is the School Accredited?

No, we aren't accredited.   We are proud to be an independent school and believe that a solid foundation of foundational knowledge and skills, firmly rooted in up to date commercial practice and experience, is just as important as qualifications.

The School of Illustration was founded to provide a space for students to explore their creativity and discover everything they need to pursue a rewarding career. Our courses are designed to be flexible and comprehensive, offering a wide range of topics and specializations.

Our approach to teaching is unique as we focus on the practical, vocational fundamentals of illustration, giving our students the tools they need to become successful freelance illustrators.

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7. How Long Will I have Access to My Course?

We provide lifetime access to our courses including any future updates or new materials . Additionally, our courses are designed to be flexible, allowing you to study at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. Join us today and let’s start illustrating together!

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